Strength training

Targeted and constant strength training in recreational and health sports is not as time-consuming as you might think: just 2 training units per week are enough to build muscles. Strength training strengthens the muscles, which in turn relieve the joints and bones and thus reduce the risk of falls and injuries. Targeted strength training to build muscles also promotes energy expenditure, because the more muscle mass, the more calories are burned. However, the prerequisite for effective muscle building training is precise and individually tailored training planning.

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Milon Circle

With the fully automatic milon circle and the associated evaluation software, training is carried out on ergonomically optimized equipment. The circle is designed according to the latest scientific findings and is ideal for beginners with health goals as well as for advanced fitness athletes. In the strength endurance circle, all of the main human muscle groups are trained. Regular training improves posture and joint stability, tightens the figure, reduces body weight, builds strength, actively stimulates the metabolism, strengthens the heart muscles and promotes endurance. A training round takes only 17,5 minutes. Optimal results are achieved with two rounds.

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Those who eat healthily and constantly count calories will certainly lose weight. But that is by no means the guarantee of a firm, athletic body. At the same time, sport alone is not enough. If you eat unhealthily and do not consume enough nutrients, you will not achieve your desired goal. If you take a look around the internet, you will be caught in a great flood of information and it is difficult to keep track. Almost everyone has dieted or fasted at some point.

But hand on heart: did it bring you the desired success?

Once you have decided to change your diet, new questions immediately arise. It already starts with which kind of diet you should choose. Low-carb, Atkins, low-fat, 21 days metabolism cure, 16/8 fasting, slim while sleeping, etc. are countless variants and each variant promises the desired success.

Make it easy for yourself: Just talk to us and take advantage of our nutritional advice – we offer you the complete package from body analysis to an individual nutrition plan.

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Les Mills Body Combat

Cardio fitness of a different kind. This power workout combines elements of various self-defense disciplines such as karate, kickboxing and Thai Chi in one gripping program.

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Les Mills Body Attack

An intensive interval training with simple choreographies and high speed. Burns a lot of calories, strengthens muscles and endurance and is a perfect stress killer.

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Les Mills Body Pump

The barbell training with energetic music. Strengthens the bones, supports the immune system and defines and trains the main muscle groups of young and old. By choosing your own weight, the training load is determined individually.

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Les Mills Body Balance

Body Balance is a reoriented yoga class that anyone can participate in. Movement patterns matched to music ensure that well-being improves and body and mind are strengthened.

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Joint and back-friendly training for young and old in the water. The water resistance strengthens the muscles, burns calories and strengthens the cardiovascular system.

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Body at its Best

A whole-body workout with light choreographies from the aerobic area, together with elements from the abdominal, legs and bottom training, results in a form and strengthening program for the whole body. Small devices such as tubes, dumbbells and balls are used for intensification.

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Core at its Best

30 – 45 minutes of intensive training of the core muscles.

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On the bike, in a group and motivated by music. Cycling is fitness training on the most modern Tomahawk cycling bikes. The cardiovascular system is trained as well as the leg and vascular muscles.

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Fascia Training

Fascias have an influence on the mobility of the muscles and posture, so we should maintain their flexibility. FASCIA TRAINING & STRETCHING is a holistic training for more mobility and flexibility of the body.

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Yoga is a very old, holistic exercise system from India. It helps to bring body, mind and soul into balance and can also be translated as “unity”, “connection” and “harmony”.

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Muscles in Action

MIA is a full body workout for every fitness level. The muscles are tightened with specific exercises and muscle strength is increased.

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Promotes muscle elasticity and joint mobility. The posture is improved, the back is strengthened by strengthening the deep abdominal and back muscles. It is a holistic body training method with the principles of relaxation, concentration, centering, breathing, control and flow of movements.

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Step Aerobics

Cardiovascular training with step combinations on the body step, in which the buttocks and thigh muscles are also trained.

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